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Just Like Yourself, Your Mobile Also Demands Privacy

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Our smartphone has become the most beloved companion.  It knows everything about us; we use it for everything, well for almost everything! From searching on the internet about any little problem we have to keeping us entertained with the latest happenings via social media apps,  we also use smartphones to sharing huge files of confidential data, information and even links. Also, with the world turning digital, our smartphones now even own the details of our bank account and other E-wallets. It is, therefore critical to ensure that no confidential detail falls in the wrong hands. Here are some simple tips that work wonders when it comes to mobile safety and security.

Improve your Passcode Game

Keep a strong passcode for not only your device but also for the social media apps you to love to browse the most.  Also, make sure your banks apps are secured with a good passcode so that in case someone accidentally gains access to the mobile device, he is still unable to get his hands on crucial details.

Don’t Be Slow in Updating the Mobile Software

Never ever ignore software update notifications. By updating your smartphone’s software on time, you take a step forward in reducing probable risk of malware malfunction.

Bluetooth – Not All The Time

Bluetooth is used by most of us throughout the day. From using it to connect our wireless headphones, fitness trackers and even the hands free option with our smart devices, we forget to turn it off when not in use. Bluetooth availability makes it easier for hackers to not only access personal information, but also gives thema free ground to misuse media stored in the device.

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Stay Away From Third-Party Apps

Just like it’s not safe to download any app, it is also important not to download any apk file suggested on a website you were recently browsing. These files are breeding grounds for hackers and provide them a shortcut to steal confidential information. Also stay wary of apps that demand continuous updates as they often have malicious intent. This one is one of the easiest way to ensure mobile safety and security.

Encrypt Your Data

Since we store all important details, passwords and documents on our smartphones, it is important to encrypt all the files stored in the mobile to ensure mobile safety and security. Both iOS and Android phones have the option wherein you can swiftly encrypt data on your phone. This makes it nearly impossible for the hacker to steal any data even if he gets his hands on your mobile phone.

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Mobile Apps to Ensure Phone’s Privacy and Safety

To ensure your mobile’s safety, download one of these mobile safety apps immediately.

  • Signal App– Available for both Android and Apple users, the Signal app is a good mobile safety app that keeps your text messages secure. Signal offers the best combination of usability and security, especially for encrypted phone calls and text messaging.
  • Hotspot Shield –It is critical to keep your personal information safe when using public hotspots. Public hotspots make it easier for hackers to break into your mobile and steal crucial files. Hotspot Shield is a VPN mobile safety app to ensure your mobile is hacker-proof.
  • It is enabled automatically when your device is turned on and doesn’t let hackers leak private information.  This safety app for Android users keeps all mobile information private so it can’t be tracked by snoops.  
  • McAfee Mobile Security – This app is touted amongst the best suitable antivirus mobile safety app for Apple smartphones.  McAfee is a well-trusted antivirus software that fixes bugs and lapses to improve the performance of your smart devices. The safety app works best on iOS 10.0 and watch OS 4.3 or later. It is also compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Tor Browser – Tor Browser is one of the best safe browser apps available in the market for mobile safety. When surfing the internet, there are several ads that hinder our work and then somehow they make their way into our mobiles permanently. The Tor Browser app keeps ads at bay and wipes cookies away each time you decide to leave a website. 
  • Dashlane- This mobile safety app allows users to safeguard all crucial passwords and login credentials into a secured app, thus making it impossible for hackers to get their hands on the same. The app also has a desktop version that works adeptly with browsers on your computers. All you have to do is sync the app and your desktop programs together so if one updates a password the other is inevitably updated.

Stay tuned for more such handy tips on mobile safety and security.

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