Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak has announced that the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was crashed into a remote corner of the Indian Ocean. The officials reached this conclusion based on a new analysis of satellite data.

The analysis demonstrated that the missing passenger plane went to a remote location where there is no possible landing site. The flight went missing on March 8 2014, 40 minutes after its departure from Kuala Lumpur to China.

The prime minister has been quoted saying “It is therefore with deep sadness and regret that I must inform you that, according to this new data, Flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean.”

This announcement by the prime minister has given birth to so many troubling questions about what made the Boeing 777 to go off track so far. This has also created frustration and anger in the family members of 239 passengers and crew who were on the flight.

The officials of Malaysia Airline sent a separate message just before the prime minister address saying “we have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board survived.”

Najib did not disclose any information related to the last location of the plane in the Indian Ocean, but searchers have indicated that the plane might have crashed in an area nearly 1,240 miles southwest of Perth. The officials mentioned that the additional details are scheduled to be released on march 25 2014.

The search for the wreckage and the plane’s recorders is likely to take years as the Indian Ocean has a depth of up to 7,000 meters (23,000 feet). There is also a possibility that the left of the plane may never be discovered.