Ahmad Seth, the youngest son of the pilot of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, has finally come out in the media and declined allegations that his dad intentionally crashed the plane into the ocean. He said that he has ignored all the speculations that have been emerging in the media regarding his 53-year-old father.

One of the theories that has speculated since the plane h as been reported missing is that the pilot is likely to have intentionally crashed the plane either to commit suicide or to take revenge against his government for some political reasons.

Seth has been quoted by Malaysia’s newspaper New Straits Times saying “I’ve read everything online. But I’ve ignored all the speculation. I know my father better. We may not be as close as he travels so much. But I understand him.

The plane has been reported missing since March 8 2014 when it departed from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, China. The plane had 239 people, including 12 crew members. Lots of investigative and search agencies from all over the world are working day and night to search the missing plane.

The pilot’s family does not even believe the recent statement by Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak that the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was crashed into a remote corner of the Indian Ocean as per a new analysis of satellite data.

The statement by Seth comes few days after his Australia-based sister, Aishah Zahrie, said that the rumor related to her father’s involvement in a possible hijack and ‘suicide’ crash is killing her family.