The investigative agencies of more than 25 countries, including China and the United States, have so far failed to search the Malaysian Flight MH370, which has been missing since March 8 2014 with 239 people on board. However, satirical and perhaps desensitized news about the missing Malaysian plane have been emerging online, mocking the plane and the passengers that are likely to have lost their lives in the vast Indian Ocean.

One of the satirical news that appeared on the blog of Princes Urduja reported that the plane has been hijacked by Prince Sahram Al-Sandshoo of Jeddah. Several netizens on Facebook and Twitter believed this news, but in fact it was nothing but a creation of some playful minds.

The article disclosed detailed information about the discovery of the missing plane, making readers to believe the news. Then again, it is only a cheap creativity that is adding to the injury of the family members of the missing passengers.

The fake report read “The missing Malaysian Airlines ‘Flight 370′ has been found by police in Saudi Arabia, bringing to an end a 12-day search for the Boeing 777. Prince Sahram Al-Sandshoo of Jeddah was arrested by local law enforcement agencies when the missing plane was discovered in his garden. Suspicions were heightened when Al-Sandshoo placed an advert on eBay offering a ‘Used Boeing 777 Black Box Recorder’ for sale”.

There is no space for such desensitized news at this point of time when the whole world is praying for the well-being of all the people on board. The news has only created frustration as the reality has again diminished their hopes of getting their loved ones back.