The Malaysian Airline MH370 has gone missing under mysterious circumstances on 8th March, 2014. Since then search is being conducted by all possible agencies of most of the nations in the world. However, the world wide search has not yielded any result till now.  It is quite understandable that the relatives, families and friends of the people on board are going through tough times.

Everyday several new theories are being developed about the probable reason for the flight getting vanished from the face of the earth. Aviation expert Billie Vincent, head of security (ex) at the FAA, has given his views recently. He stated that the likely cause is a catastrophic event suffered by the flight like fire emerging out and filling the cabin with toxic gases. He also said that it cannot be a result of terrorist attack or hijacking since no terrorist organization has admitted or accepted doing it till now.

It is one thing for people to have theories supporting the disappearance of missing flight but it is totally a disgusting idea on part of some others to speculate sighting of the airline. Some websites are running online scams to earn some money out of the tragedy by spreading rumors.

One such scam website is claiming that a low flying plane was seen by two fishermen near the Thailand-Malaysia border. Another site claimed that a New Zealand native, an employee of a certain oil rig in Vietnam, saw a burning object in the sky around the same time the plane went missing. The latest rumor that is doing the rounds is that the flight is found in the Indian Ocean. A misleading photo and video of the missing MH370 has also been updated and shared on different social networking and video sites by one of the scam sites.

Now, it has to be seen whether the truth is found out or it remains a mystery forever. Till then, stick to reliable sources to get the latest news about the missing flight.