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Mini Beauty Refrigerator – Is it Worth Your Beauty Vows?

Currently the whole bottom compartment of my refrigerator is filled with beauty products. Along with my husband’s beer, there lay my sheet masks, eye creams, water-based toners, Vitamin C ampoules waiting for my weekly “pamper myself routine”. Well, my husband doesn’t mind all the “beautiness” slowly taking over his space, he keeps reminding me of the trending mini beauty fridges that are being proudly showcased on Instagram by celebrities and beauty vloggers.

A dream fridge, the beauty fridge, with its super power to heat and chill, a door shelf for your sheet masks, and, of course, a glossy pink exterior has had a lovely marbled effect on all almost all skincare addicts.It is a luxury for those who take pure joy in skincare. Let’s try to understand the pros and cons of mini-beauty fridge to see if it’s actually worth our beauty vows.

Using cool or chilled products on face and neck has proven benefits. For instance, applying chilled moisturisers and masks help in depuffing the skin and boost blood circulation. Chilled face products also help in constricting the blood vessels and maintains youthfulness. Let’s check the other advantages of using mini beauty refrigerator.

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Advantages of using chilled skincare products:

  • Fresh-out-of-the-fridge eye gel  instantly reduces puffiness around the eyes.
  • In humid months, spraying chilled refreshing mists is a dream and also helps in calming facial skin.
  • Refrigerating face masks made of food or preservatives increases the longetivity and shows better results.
  • Massaging with jade roller kept in fridge for a few hours instantly soothes the tiredness visible on the skin’s surface.

Best Products to put in the mini beauty fridge

  • Serums
  • Gels
  • Essences
  • Under eye creams
  • Sheet Masks
  • Jade or Pink Crystal Rollers
  • Acne Treatment
  • DIY fruit/plant face packs

Products not to use in skincare fridge

  • Cleansers
  • Exfoliants
  • Clay Masks or anything clay for that matter.
  • Pore strips

Is it Time to Get Your Own Beauty Fridge? Let’s Discuss

Let’s be honest, a beauty fridge is really not a necessity. Well, for one, you don’t need a dedicated mini beauty fridge if you have a simple life and use little or no make-up on a regular basis.  You do not need a beauty fridge, just as you do not need a collection of jade rollers and a sheet mask for every day of the week. Also, there’s no proven evidence that refrigerating your skincare products make them more effective, but if you are an ardent fan of natural skincare that range that comes with an expiration date, then storing them in a fridge is a good option.

It is not something you really need to invest in unless you use a lot of prescribed medicated creams. Even in such cases, proper storage is paramount, but for the most part, beauty products, don’t need to be kept at a certain temperature.

By and large, refrigerating or non-refrigerating is harmless, however, exposing products to fluctuating temperatures can actually lead to instability and cause the products to oxidize. While it can be seen as an investment for Instagrammers and celebrities, it is not really worth to put in your hard-earned money in buying a separate mini beauty refrigerator when you can actually make place for your beauty products in the normal fridge.

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