Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Minecraft Xbox 360 TU 12 release: Jungle Biome, Scare Creeper Cats, New Mobs, Mash-Up Packs


Finally! The wait is over. The Mojang and the employees of 4J Studios have announced the upcoming features in the Minecraft’s Title Update (TU) 12.

If you are a great Minecraft’s fan, then you would be glad to know about the latest update. TU 12 will be adding features from the recent PC version of Mojang. The biggest addition to the title update 12 is the Jungle biome which will introduce Ocelots to scare the creeper cats.  Features such as the growing cocoa and the jungle trees are also included in the biome. Moreover, the update will bring baby villagers in addition to Minecraft. The incorporeal heads of the enemies can now be used to decorate house in a Creative Mode.

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Besides the new mobs, mash-up packs and texture packs will also be supported giving a complete change to the game’s appearance. Title Update 12 have also increased the height of the map from 128 to 256, meaning that the area will be double than as before. There are a lot more features introduced such as new mobs, new items, difficulty modes, recipe updates and much more.  

Thought the release date of TU 12 is yet to finalize, the game has already sold more than 8 million copies.


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