Two weeks earlier 4J Studios had promised its fans to release the Minecraft Xbox 360 TU 12, but it seems they are not in a mood to offer something interesting to its fans. Yes, Microsoft, the testing company for the 4J Studios games has neither given the positive report nor any negative feedback over the testing of the Xbox 360. The game was handed over to Microsoft two weeks earlier and since then the report is awaited.

4J Studios also announced that once the testing will be over, the fans will be able to check out the complete details of the first mash-up, but these claims are also not fulfilled yet due to unreleased testing report. However, the reasons for this delay could be the legal signoffs that are still pending between 4J Studios and Microsoft or it could be some quality issues that may be noticed during testing at Microsoft.

Whatever are the reasons, but this extended period for the release of Minecraft Xbox 360 TU 12 is making rage among the fans and some are even going to Sony consoles to just have a glimpse of the new Minecraft game. This is indeed a competition for the Xbox that would certainly not go well with the popularity of the gaming gaint!