4J Studios, the producers of the cult classic Minecraft, have confirmed that the Minecraft Xbox 360 Title Update 12 is on its way – it has been sent to Microsoft for certificate testing before being released on the popular game console. This update has spent much more time on the developers table than the previous two, but it is justified by the amount of new content the update provides.

Expect many changes and fixes. There is a new tutorial world, new map height, jungle biomes and trees and nightly zombie sieges. Some of the new elements include ocelots and their spawn eggs, iron golems, baby villagers and jungle biome related stuff like jungle planks and jungle wood stairs. There will also be some cool new staircase types. Also expect new mob heads like zombie, human and skeleton.

More changes are that zombies can break down doors on hard mode, mob drops rare items, wells in desert biomes and the max boat capacity for worlds has been increased to 40.

While the actual release date for Minecraft Xbox 360 TU 12 hasn’t been revealed, the norm is for Microsoft to take not more than a week or two.