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How Minecraft Mash-Up Pack Lures? The 12th Update, World of Minecraft :Xbox 360 Modified

With Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is at present implementing its final testing phase.  The players can very soon modify the textures in the console variant of the famous game since the update eventually brings the texture support feature in the console along with mash-up packs which can modify the appearance of the worlds of Minecraft.

As revealed by the 4J Studio on Thursday, the gamers will have the facility to download the trial version of the mash-up pack after the 12th Update goes live.

With the help of the trial version, players will get a complete and limitless access to the textures offered through the Mash-up pack. However, they are not allowed to save the game with the enabled trial textures. This will help the players to try every mash-up pack with full access to see what they will actually look like after the make a purchase.

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The players will have to install the trial version to collaborate with another player’s game that also has the Mash-up pack enabled, even if they don’t own one. The Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition can be purchased or downloaded. Though no release date has yet been revealed by the company. 

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