The holiday season is just around the corner and if you are still fretting over what to gift your spouse, friend or child, you may just want to place the latest computer game in their stocking! Here are the top 5 picks of the season.

Tomb Raider – The fifth instalment of the ever popular Tomb Raider series, it features Lara Croft in an all-new avatar, who players control using a hub-and-spoke model. The game combines thrilling elements of action, exploration and survival with players earning experience points for completing certain tasks.

Bioshock Infinite – After an excruciating wait of almost 2 years since its last release, Bioshock Infinite is certainly worth the wait. Set way back in the year 1912 in the fictional floating city of Columbia, it features Elizabeth and Booker DeWitt, a former secret agent who find themselves in the midst of a war between the Founders and the Vox Populi. Players of the game control Booker and use guns, equipment and psychokinetic powers, similar to its predecessor, Bioshock 2.

Super Mario 3D World – An extension of Super Mario 3D Land, this game continues the affable plumber’s legacy with added creativity, simple game play and the best of multiplayer features. For those craving for a fix of the nostalgic Nintendo magic, this makes for a perfect gift!

Minecraft – Winner of multiple awards including the Best Downloadable Game Award and Innovation Award, Minecraft is staged in a 3D procedurally generated world where players need to build constructions using cubes. It also features other interesting activities such as combat, crafting, gathering resources and exploration.

Battlefield 4 – Considered to be what is perhaps the best multiplayer shooting game, Battlefield 4 combines fantastic aspects of infantry and vehicular combat. The game becomes even more challenging and exciting with maps getting completely modified by destructives events like the flooding of a city or the fall of a skyscraper.