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Minecraft Set To See Major Revamps By Early Next Year-Says Mojan

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Minecraft is set to see major revamps by early next year given that Mojang, a Microsoft company, is striving to keep up its community. The developers from Mojang announced the news at Minecon 2015 in London.

Minecraft Set To See Major Revamps By Early Next YearWielding Using Shields

In a major update, Minecraft players can now enable virtual characters. From a pickaxe to a torch, players can now flaunt anything on their hands, according to IGN notes. Add to this shields or even customized banners, and we are already excited.

Fiercer Monsters On The Prowl

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Mojang has plans to toughen the character, Ender Dragon. As a player, you will have to defeat the dragon before wrapping the game up. The new bit here is that you could now be capable of respwaning the dragon. Get ready for a new mob, the Shulker will come across as a projectile shooter.

Newer Arenas For The Game

Mojang announced changes for the gaming interface or location with introduction of a purple-yellow color scheme towards the wrap up point of the game. Levitation rights will be applicable on the players at this site.

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