A significant upgrade to Windows Phone 8 has finally come into motion. This is likely to happen in February in the face of ‘Apollo Plus’. It will include all the features which were missing in the previous version of Windows Phone 8.

This would give support to VPNs used by schools and businesses and offer better WiFi and audio functions. The Inquirer reported “The incremental update might add a Notification Center to Windows Phone, a feature that Microsoft has admitted it didn’t have time to finish previously”.

As Microsoft would not be present at the Consumer Electronic Show which is going to take place in Las Vegas in 2013, it is most probably going to launch the new software in Barcelona this February. Windows 8 was launched earlier this year with devices made by Nokia, Samsung and HTC.

Windows 8 has been struggling because of lack of VPN support. Microsoft head of Windows Phone Joe Belfiore has said the new devices were “a phone made for you – the most personal Smartphone operating system you can get; the perfect companion for your Windows PC and your Xbox.” He said that each Windows Phone could become “a unique reflection of who you are, like a fingerprint”.