Microsoft windows 8.1In a blog post recently, Microsoft has said that they are going to release a new Windows 8.1 update in October sometime. It will start rolling out as a free update from October 18. However, users will be able to avail a digital update a day prior on October 17 itself by 4:30 pm IST. The previous version, Microsoft Windows 8 was not appreciated a great deal and sale of machine run on the OS suffered.

Interestingly, the new Windows 8.1 update was initially referred to as “Blue” and is expected to bring fixes for many of the Windows 8 troubles. The new Windows 8.1 upgrade will come with several improvements. It is expected to feature a more modern-looking UI and will also bring in several new apps and features. More importantly, finally, our desktop Start button will be back. Furthermore, the 8.1 update is also likely to improve multitasking on its systems. Additionally, rumour mills are also guessing that we may also see several new smaller Windows 8.1 devices in the upcoming months.

Interestingly, the much-awaited Windows 8.1 update is coming just before Windows 8 completes its first year on October 26. With the new OS, Microsoft definitely hopes to reverse that trend. Already available for preview, the updated Windows 8.1 also does away with the tiles that it started out with. Instead, it takes up the traditional desktop look that most of us were comfortable with.