Now that we have sampled the Windows 10, we are certain that Microsoft has got its mojo back. After the lacklustre response to Windows 8, the company and users have been pinning their hopes on the Microsoft Windows 10 for quite some time. The Washington-based technology company has brought some radical changes to Windows 10. Lets take a look at what caught our fancy.Windows 10 Upgrade To Wipe Off Old Features

The good ol’ start menu

Windows 8 looked innovative with its Live Tiles offering notification and information. However, that was done keeping touch screen devices in mind, which has not become to commonplace in laptops and definitely not in desktops yet. In comparison, Windows 10 should bring a fresh lease of life to Microsoft with some tweaks to the Windows start menu. Wearing a transparent look, it will allow users to see what’s going on at the desktop. However, this one doesn’t work like the traditional start menu and would leave a lot to be desired. Digital Trends reported that a technical preview suggests a semi-transparent start menu.

Easy to use

Swapping between windows is going to be simpler with Windows 10 and handling multiple desktops will become easier. Microsoft Windows 10 will allow users to drap applications from one screen to another. Users can hide and shuffle Windows as per their convenience.

Biometric abilities

This is the big one. Instead of logging in with a username and password, Windows 10 will use biometric sensibilities to identify the user such as with fingerprint and face recognition. At the recent launch of Windows Hello, Microsoft suggests that this will be a secure service available to Windows 10 users.

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Gestures aplenty

Windows 10 integrates interesting gesture recognition feature, which will make using the OS really easy. For instance, swiping down with three fingers would show the desktop and close the current windows. At the same time, users can employ all four fingers at a time to open the Action Center. Swiping down the screen from the top edge will bring users to a title bar and more. Finger gestures that were present in Windows 8.1 will also be available.

Young fun

A Microsoft Windows 10 preview suggests that it is also going to keep young users happy. For instance, avid gamers will have a field day as Windows 10 will be easy to integrate with the Xbox. Simultaneously, it will come with Cortana so you can say hello. 

What features are you expecting from Windows 10? Tell us in the comments below.