Microsoft vs. Google's Motorola Mobility In a legal battle over Google’s Android software going on in Germany, Microsoft announced on Friday that it plans to attach Google as a defendant in one of its patent actions against Motorola Mobility, owned by Google. The involved case surrounds a mapping feature on Motorola phones, which Microsoft says has infringed one of its patents.

As per a statement by Microsoft spokesperson, the action was initiated after Motorola said it has no information about actions occurring on Google’s servers.

Microsoft claims that Google’s Android violates its software patents. Surprisingly, Microsoft has so far trailed handset makers instead of Google itself for the royalties.

Currently, Microsoft and Motorola are fighting patent suits in courts in Mannheim, Germany, and Seattle. The fight is over the Motorola’s use of scheduling software and Microsoft’s use of some video and wireless technology. However, several hardware firms have come to settlement with the former over their use of Android.

The patent involved defines a method for a mobile device to attain a map from one database, call up resource information such as the location of a hotel from a second database, and overlay the two sets of data.

On being asked to comment, Google refused the request.