With the release date of Windows 10 coming close, the operating system already has a buzz in the market. While the upcoming operating system is enjoying a great hype in the market, many wondered about the compatibility of Microsoft Office with the new operating system. To offer them a sigh of relief, Microsoft has already unveiled their planning of the new app for installing Office in the operating system, reports TechRadar.

Microsoft unveils their plan for Windows 10 app to offer Office compatibility Office compatibility with Windows 10 is not a problem

 According to the reports, the company has added an all new app store to the operating system Windows 10 and installing Office from the store will not be a tough job for anyone. Therefore, there is no need to worry about compatibility issues of Office. Use Powerpoint, Excel, Word or any other extensions of Office as you have been using them so far. Revealing the news about Microsoft Office has not just relieved the users worried so far but also is a positive move for the company. It is expected that the new move would keep Microsoft a leap ahead from its competitors like Evernote, Google Docs or others.

 Yet, one must not forget that the new app that is to be added with Windows 10 is at an early stage and more details regarding it would surface once the new Windows is finally launched in the country. 

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