Major reorganizing moves are going on in the lobby of Microsoft Company. And with all the good vibes in the air, it is evident that the company is planning some remedial measures to revamp its sale.

According to some websites, Microsoft is slashing down the prices of its Surface RT Tablets by $150 per model and the same would be applied to U.S. models of the devices. Surface RT 32GB is drooping to $349.99, the 64GB model to $449.99, 32GB with Touch Cover to $449.99 as well, and a 64GB with Touch Cover dropping to $549.99.

However, the official supply store Staples has not posted an ad for a 32GB Surface RT for $349. The deal is supposed to start on July 14, and it is not clear whether the price cut is permanent or just for time being. Furthermore, the company has not confirmed any of these ongoing speculations.

We can assume that price reductions often come as a precursor to new product launches and Microsoft also confirmed the arrival new Surface Pro and RT models along with smaller Windows devices and accessories like battery-packing keyboard cover. This makes it clear that ongoing strategies are pre-release ploy to settle old inventory.