Xbox 720Microsoft Xbox One game console is quite a hit among gamers and is expected to go on sale later this year. However, offering features that no other console offers, the Xbox One comes packed with voice-detecting controller and Kinect motion-sensors.

Confident that its console offers the best gaming experience, Microsoft says that it has no plans to lower down the price of Xbox One and will continue to debut it for $499. Sony, on the other hand plans to unveil its upcoming PlayStation 4 at $399.

Kinect sensors in the Xbox One work by default, which didn’t go well with some gamers. However, the hardware giant says Kinect feature is a part of Xbox architecture and the firm plans to keep it the same. The other feature such as single voice command makes the device turn on, on hearing the voice of the gamer.

Earlier, gamers had to connect their consoles to the Internet once a day to prevent piracy, which Microsoft has now fixed in its new policy. This new policy also means that gamers who buy physical discs won’t enjoy some benefits of the Web strategy.

Microsoft has also removed the policy of letting around 10 family members share disc-based games, even with no disc in their consoles.