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Microsoft Surface vs. Apple iPad: Will Microsoft Beat Apple in the Tablet Game?

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Where the ball was always in favor of iPad for most of us till recently, is the recent tablet that has errr, surfaced from Microsoft going to have us confused?

Barely a month after Microsoft announced its new range of Surface tablets, speculation is rife about whether it will overtake iPad and become the most favored tablet all around the world. Even though Apple launched the iPad over two years ago, and Google’s Android helped launch numerous tablets against it, it continues to reign the world of tablets. Will Microsoft Surface be able to take on the leader and overthrow it with its revolutionary technology?

The Surface is available in two configurations – one featuring a full installation of Windows 8 Pro powered by an Intel-based processor and the other model with Windows RT powered by an ARM chip. While rumors of a mini iPad continue to float around, what makes Surface even more exciting is these two flavors – one that is all about the power and the other, a stripped down, more portable version. With a screen size of 10.6 inches, these full HD resolution screen tablets are much larger than the iPad, and as a result are also on the heavier side. The Windows 8 Pro Surface is can even have a 128GB hard drive storage option, making the Surface far more robust and powerful than the iPad, which can provide only up to 64GB of storage space.

While the iPad comes with an option of a Smart Cover that essentially provides protection to the screen, the Surface tablets come with a cover that not only protects the screen but also doubles up as a full, multi-touch keyboard – so that you can use the Surface even as a highly compact notebook. Microsoft’s Surface tablets are beyond just tablets – feature-packed and powerful, they can even be considered an alternative to notebooks and the latest Ultrabooks. It also helps that the Surface comes with a full-fledged OS, especially the more powerful version which has Windows 8 Pro, while the iPad’s iOS continues to remain but a mobile operating system, incapable of running many powerful applications.

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The iPad has been around for a while, and quite frankly, not much has changed in terms of user interface. While it did truly seem revolutionary the first time we experienced the iOS on the iPhone, users need more functionality to make iPads more performance-oriented. The severely lacking file system makes it harder to work on the iPad, which is a drawback we highly doubt we would need to worry about in the Surface.

The Surface is new, it’s something completely different from what there already is in the market, and as an added advantage, is by Microsoft – makers of the most popular OS in the world. We think we might just fall in love with Microsoft all over again, all thanks to the Surface. Now, all we need to know is the price of the Surface and when we can expect to see it out in the market.


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