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Microsoft Surface vs. Apple iPad: Cooler Things we want to see in the Surface



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If the Surface tablet is all about beating archrival Apple at its own game, and taking over the tablet game, here’s a few really cool features Microsoft could put into its brand new venture to make it a surefire iPad killer. Of course, it’s not going to be an easy task to overthrow a product that has been reigning supreme in the market ever since its launch, especially not with a brand new entrant into what is slowly turning into a pretty crowded market. But, Microsoft does have its own advantages that it can leverage for this to happen.

Develop more apps, and fast: Microsoft may be starting afresh with Windows 8 and Windows RT, but that shouldn’t hold it back in producing many more apps and playing catch-up with Apple. iOS has been around for a while now, giving the iPad an upper hand (for now) with over 25,000 apps available to the consumer, while Windows RT has less than 3,000 apps on offer presently. But, given how the company managed to bring 100,000 apps for Windows Phone, Surface could manage to overtake iPad pretty soon in app options.

Integrate Xbox with Windows RT: Gaming’s one of the biggest reasons people pick up tablets. And given that Microsoft is already a winner in the gaming world with Xbox, all it needs to do is figure out a way to bring the Xbox experience into the Surface tablet for it to become a bestseller.

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Increase popularity among businesses: Businesses across industries are moving over to embracing mobility through tablets and smartphones. Given that most of the businesses run on Microsoft products anyway, the company can leverage this existing foot in the door to get them to move one step up with making Surface the corporate order of the day. Sell the Surface to organizations from the viewpoint of strengthening their relationship with Microsoft – it just opens up a whole new set of customer base for Microsoft.

More professional opportunities: The Surface has yet another advantage that none of the others have – Microsoft Office. Other tablets may offer alternative technology, but given that most of the corporate organizations have Windows-based PCs, Office would be the best tool to have on a tablet, and the Surface has that. This would make the Surface a far more attractive option for the executive.



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