Friday, June 9, 2023

Microsoft Surface RT Tablet In Action, Pre-Orders Starts

Ever since Microsoft announced the Surface tablets way back in June, the whole world has been waiting eagerly to learn more about these marvelous pieces of technology. Unfortunately for its fans, no further details have been forthcoming, until now. Pre-orders for the Surface tablet running on Windows RT have started since Tuesday and we finally have managed to find out more about this tablet.

For starters, we knew that its screen size was designed to be 10.6 inches. We now have some more knowledge about its display – a 1366X768 pixel resolution and a 5-point multitouch capability is what we can expect on this device. The most important aspect, the price, has also finally been revealed. The Surface RT tablets start at $499 for a 32GB model, going up to $599 for the 32GB model with a black Touch Cover, and even a 64GB version with a black Touch Cover for $699. You can even purchase Touch Covers separately for $119.99, and they are available in a host of colors, including magenta, white, cyan, and red, apart from black.

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There’s also something called a Type cover, which seems to serve as a traditional keyboard for the Surface RT. The black Type cover is available for $129.99. The Surface RT tablet weighs a mere 1.5 pounds, making it extremely convenient to carry around, and it features both front-facing as well as rear cameras, of 720p resolution. With such high pricing, Microsoft seems to be going up against the iPad directly, but will the Surface RT manage to pull away the Apple fans?

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