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Microsoft Surface Pro Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Vs iPad 5: Which of These Futuristic And Super Sexy Tablets Are On Your Lust List?




Even before the new iPad 5 comes out to the market, the competition’s already heating up. CES 2013 came and went by without Samsung showcasing any new tablets, but we’re hearing a lot about a new Galaxy Tab 3 which could soon be unveiled by the Korean company. But will it manage to make a mark this year against its competitors the Microsoft Surface Pro and the upcoming iPad 5?

Display: For starters, the Galaxy Tab 3 would be in a different league with its 7-inch screen against the Surface Pro’s and iPad 5’s 10-inch screens. It would make a suitable alternative for consumers who want portability as well as performance. The Galaxy Tab 3 is expected to have a resolution of 1920X1080 pixels, which is definitely comparable with the Surface Pro’s 208 ppi display and the iPad’s Retina Display.

Tech specs: While we’re still not sure of the processor within the Galaxy Tab 3, we’re expecting it to have at least 2 GB of RAM. Now, the iPad 4 had just 1 GB of RAM, but we’re expecting Apple to upgrade that to 2 GB in the iPad 5. The Surface Pro is the real powerhouse as of now with its dual-core Intel Core i5 processor and 4 GB of RAM. But then again, it’s meant for heavy-duty operations on the go.

Camera: We’re hearing that the Galaxy Tab 3 could have a 5 MP rear camera, which is better than the Surface Pro’s HD front-facing camera. The iPad 4 has a 5 MP camera, which means we can expect the iPad 5 to have something higher – perhaps an 8 MP camera? If this happens, then the iPad 5 definitely gets the lead in this category.