Friday, June 14, 2024

Microsoft Surface Pro Vs Google Nexus 7 Vs Apple iPad: Microsoft Is Eager To Cash In The Tablet Trend

windows-blueLooks like the future of computing lies in tablets and Microsoft is extremely eager to cash in on this trend. If it was the much touted released of Windows 8 and Windows RT based Surface tablets last year, according to latest rumors, the company is keeping itself busy creating Windows Blue, an updated version of Windows 8, to be used exclusively for tablets. And yes, expect more tablets sized between 7 and 11 inches from Microsoft in the near future as well.

Windows Blue would be an optimized version of the latest OS and would also be cheaper. In all likelihood, we can expect a 7-8.9 inch tablet to be released sometime this year running on this new OS. While the 10-inch Surface tablets are powerful computing devices, seeing the popularity of the 7-inch offerings like Google Nexus 7 and iPad Mini, Microsoft has decided to enter into this space soon. There’s more competition in this market segment and analysts are expecting the 7-inch tablet space to grow more than the full-sized segment.

The affordably priced Windows Blue could see a lot of manufacturers coming out with tablets running on this OS priced between $199 and $349. Analysts are also expecting the OS to run on netbook-like devices as well. So, does this mean we can see a Surface Mini coming out in 2013?

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