After the success of its latest Windows 8 OS and Windows Phone 8 mobile OS, Microsoft is busy getting into the mobile device space in a big way. It started with the company unveiling its two Surface tablets, one running on Windows RT and the other on Windows 8 Pro. But according to rumors, Microsoft’s busy working on a low-cost OS called Windows Blue which could make its tablets cheaper, and hence potentially more popular. Here’s what we know about this OS so far.

Multi-window experience: Even though Windows 8 does have the provision to let users run two apps simultaneously on a screen, the 75-25 division wasn’t exactly a lot of fun. But Windows Blue could allow a more equal division of the screen to let users multitask conveniently on their devices.

More customizable experience: And we don’t just mean the looks, although while we’re on that, yes, you can reorder those Live Tiles any way you want on Windows Blue. You also get more sizes to choose from so you can prioritize the apps appearing on the Metro UI. And yes, to make your tablet experience smoother, Microsoft is also planning better settings to let you access your most frequently used apps from the tablet’s desktop screen so you wouldn’t have to waste too much time hunting for them.

More apps to choose from: Going the iOS and Android way, Microsoft is going to try really hard to give users a bigger range of apps to choose from. Be it in the entertainment category or more serious stuff, Windows Blue will let you work and play a lot more on your new Surface tablets.

SkyDrive for cloud: Even though SkyDrive has been around for a while, it hasn’t been able to get as popular due to a lot of missing features. But Microsoft plans to plug in all the leaks and give you a seamless syncing experience on its cloud offering in Windows Blue.