Saturday, May 18, 2024

Microsoft Surface Pro Has Proved To Be A Sold Out, So What’s Next For Microsoft As Compared To Apple iPad 5


Microsoft Surface tablets were launched amidst much speculation, but as a surprise to both the version Surface RT and Surface Pro found a strong foothold in the Tablet Market. With the launch of Microsoft Surface Pro, the 128 GB version became an immediate hit and was sold out. The analysts believed that the tablets were sold quickly as Microsoft supplied the retailers with less no of tablets which made them a sellout.

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As per an inside reports 1.5 million Microsoft tablets have been sold so far. In stiff competition with Apple iPad and Google Nexus the ARM chip based Microsoft Surface pro has been bought by 400,00 buyers . According to Microsoft “The “Pro” tablets have “Intel Inside” and run the legacy apps from your desktop PC.”

So with Apple iPad 5 on its way does Microsoft has a new game on its mind regarding Microsoft Surface.


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