A little birdie told us that Microsoft is in plans to roll out its next Surface Pro 2 tab with a built-in Intel Haswell chip. If rumours turn out to be true, the next line of Surface Pro tabs could feature great performance and specifications.
Considering the battery life, which was a problem in the original Surface Pro, the Intel Haswell processor could boost it by an extra three hours. That means the Surface Pro 2 will be seen with an improved battery life and may get better than Apple iPad 5.
The new Intel chips are smaller, meaning we’ll see even thinner tablets with smaller batteries, which could not be so good for the device’s battery but for now adding a boost to the performance and general power is much more important.
The Haswell chips by Intel offer to run some impressive graphics depending on the hardware. But considering Microsoft, we feel the Surface Pro 2 won’t see too much of that.
Microsoft is rolling out these features in its Windows 8.1, which will see improvements such as built-in SkyDrive features, more customization options, cool new search options, and more.
Set your eyes on the Build developer conference at the end of June, where we expect to hear more about the next-in-line Surface Pro tabs.