Sunday, July 14, 2024

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 vs Apple iPad 5 vs Asus Transformer Pad: It’s the Price Game

Microsoft Surface 2 Released

Though Surface RT couldn’t create a fire but Microsoft hasn’t lost the battle yet. The company is ready to bring out its new product, the Microsoft Surface Pro 2. Microsoft declared the slashed price of the tablet in the coming month of July and placed it $250 just below the Apple’s iPad 5 tablet.

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Microsoft Surface pro 2 vs Apple iPad 5 vs Asus Transformer Pad

Apple iPad  5 price vs microsoft surface price

The combat going between Microsoft, Apple and Asus is more or less same in the specs, but it is the price that will decide the winning and losing of the brands. While the surface 2 will be priced at $359 for its 32GB model, Asus hasn’t said anything about the price of New Transformer Pad till now. The iPad 5 from Apple commences at $3999 for its 16 GB WI-Fi product which further rises to $739 for the 128GB variant which comes with Wi-Fi Cellular model.

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So, nothing yet has been confirmed by the trade analyst. The real opening of the prices will be done in the month of October when all the gadgets will release simultaneously. So, we have to wait till the time to see the effective release of the all pricey gadgets.

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