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Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Vs Apple iPad 5 –Its Haswell Vs A7 Quad Core Processor



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So far Apple has most certainly ruled the tablet world. The iPad 4 has been hugely successful and so has the smaller iPad Mini. Apple is now gearing up to release the new iPad 5 which is said to be even more like the hugely successful iPad Mini. So we can expect it to be lighter and sleeker than the iPad 4 and it will certainly have the retina display. Microsoft has been going through a time of many changes and not all of them have been good. But the Windows 8 operating system is brilliant and has helped Microsoft make major in-roads into the smartphone and tablet market. And Microsoft is gearing up to release the Surface Pro 2 tablet later this year.

Expect both tablets to be fast – the Surface Pro 2 will probably have the latest Haswell processor and the iPad 5 is likely to run the A7 quad core processor. Interestingly, Microsoft is one of the first makers to use the 802.11ac wireless system – it is fast and yet uses minimal power.

The Surface Pro 2 and the iPad 5 are all set to take the tablet to a new level of speed and convenience.

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