Sure, the user is having a gala time while the companies battle it out for their market share. With the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 now available in the market, it’s turning out to be a strong competitor to the Apple iPad 4 as well as Google Nexus 10. Here’s what differentiates them considering the Microsoft Surface 2 price and features.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Price

Microsoft Surface 2 has finally hit the shores. The tablet is a major improvement over Microsoft Surface Pro and has been priced at $899. Surface 2 is a powerful offering from Microsoft arsenal’s and what really makes this tablet competitive is its sturdy design. The tablet has a strong industrial built and has “no flex body”. Weighing 676 g the tablet is slightly on a heavier side as compared to Apple iPad 4 which weighs 652 g.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Features

Yet for a 10-inch tablet, Microsoft Surface Pro is quite thin and light and could be easily carried while travelling. Just like its predecessor it supports a kickstand and could be easily turned into a mini laptop. The biggest change in the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is its 10 hour battery life which is 25% more than its predecessor. Another change is the 1920 x 1200 resolution display which makes for a brighter, clearer and crispier viewing experience.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 vs Apple iPad 4

However, Surface 2 display cannot beat the 2048 x 1536 resolution “retina” display of Apple iPad 4. Apple iPad 4 is notches above the Microsoft offering, in spite of the company’s trademark of Microsoft’s “ClearType” technology.

As usual, the Tegra 4 processor in Surface Pro 2 makes for a great multitasking experience. The only complain that tech experts are claiming is the lag time they experienced while downloading apps on Surface tablet.

The Surface 2 runs on Microsoft’s latest version of Windows RT 8.1 which does not allow running of various applications such as Adobe Photoshop, any web browser other than Internet Explorer, music software like iTunes, and Dropbox.

Overall Microsoft Surface Pro 2 has much better features then Microsoft Surface Pro and is a great entry a 10-inch tablet (Google Nexus 10, iPad 4) market.

Specifications of Microsoft Surface Pro 2

  • Screen: 10.6in full HD 1080p LCD
  • Processor: 1.7GHz quad-coreNvidia Tegra 4
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage: 32/64GB SSD plus microSDXC slot
  • Operating system: Windows RT 8.1
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Compass, USB 3.0, micro HDMI
  • Cameras: 3.5MP front-facing and 5MP rear-facing camera
  • Dimensions: 274.6 x 172.5 x 8.9mm
  • Weight: 675.9g