Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Microsoft Sky Drive: A Big Hit With The Users

Over the past few days, there have been lots of talks about Microsoft SkyDrive, where users have integrated apps into the cloud service, which has given them secure access to their files and photos from anywhere, anytime.

Microsoft has made SkyDrive the most useful and versatile cloud storage service available for personal use. Simple to use yet powerful, the application gives users a choice to personalize their experience easily.

From spanning files and devices to apps, Microsoft SkyDrive has become a favorite cloud backup of many. With a modern web design, SkyDrive offers a great user experience on desktops, Mac as well as tablets and smartphones. With faster uploads and improved usage, the cloud app has opened way for thousands of opportunities for users.

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One exciting feature of Microsoft SkyDrive includes offering two users a chance to work on one Word document in sync at the same time.

With SkyDrive, two users can work together in Word both online as well as offline, that too in real time. And on being connected, all changes automatically get updated to the server and then get pushed down to users’ individual Word copies. So even if you are out, and need to write, simply take out tab or phone, finish the write-up and share it easily. Now that feature is not only for Word, but also for other Office documents such as PowerPoint 2010 or 2011.

Take an in-depth look at how SkyDrive and Office work together at

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Also another point that users noted was that SkyDrive seems to work better in Safari than in Chrome on the Mac. For those who get Windows 8 Release Preview, SkyDrive app will come pre-installed, available at the right side of the Start screen.

Have you used SkyDrive as yet? Share your experiences with us.

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