US-based tech giant Microsoft has revealed that it is all set to launch their 4G band devices in India. The company added that it can only be done once the operators decide to starting 4G services in the country.Microsoftlogo

Raghuvesh Sarup, sales director at Nokia India, a subsidiary of Microsoft Mobiles, has been quoted saying that “As soon as the operators decide about the 4G, we can offer them the technology.” This was revealed during the launch event of the Lumia 630 dual SIM smartphone handset, which is the country’s first device equipped with Windows 8.1 system.

The official added that “We have been LTE-ready with devices starting 2012; we have the technology. As the India LTE landscape has been recently clarified, we are working closely with operators. We also support FDD band 3 (1800MHz) which was recently auctioned.”

Presently telecoms operators in the country have been working towards assessing their own network capability for LTE. Sarup mentioned that it is still unclear that which major telecom player will choose what band, but we are ready with the device.

He also talked about the dual SIM Lumia 630, and said that more than 80% of the smartphones sold in India are dual SIM ones.

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