Microsoft launched its Windows 8 product in October this year. This has not helped increase sales for the technology giant. According to a report by The NPD Group, Windows PC sales are down by 21% since the launch and sales of Windows devices have also dipped significantly. Windows PC sales in the same period last year were higher.

NPD VP of industry analysis However Stephen Baker said that it was too early to blame the shortfall in sales on Windows 8 because the scenario could change around the holiday season. Microsoft recently made an announcement that they had sold more than 40 million Windows 8 licenses so far.

The research says that Windows 8 currently captures only 58% of computing devices sales, while this figure stood at 83% for Windows 7 post 4 weeks of its release. It’s notable that Microsoft Surface tablet has managed to stay afloat.

“It hasn’t made the market any worse, but it hasn’t stimulated things either… It hasn’t provided the impetus to sales everybody hoped for.” Baker said.