Microsoft has finally launched the Xbox One April update after a long wait. While rumors about plausible additions via the update had been rife for long, it is only now that we will be able to get hands of improvements to the Xbox One. For starters, the good news comes from the revamped party chat feature and the dashboard achievement notifications.

Microsoft Rolls Out April Update For Xbox OneWith the party chat feature improved, users will now gain access to troubleshooting guides easily. In fact, this party feature will also enable the microphone to be used. This means that the party can inform users about plausible network or settings issues that might have held inter-party communications. However, a dedicated party chat server has not made through with this update.

Specifically for those having an Xbox One in China, Microsoft’s April update has removed the region lock. While the makers have not given an official statement on this firmware update, the buzz around this is strong. For the unacquainted, this means that gaming addicts in China will no longer be restricted from accessing play options based on location. The Xbox One Disc will now be operable in any geography.

One disappointment with the April update is that Microsoft has still not added the much-anticipated voice messaging spec. Perhaps, we have got to wait until the next update rolls out for all these features.