Microsoft has chalked out a way to raise curiosity among fans of Halo 4, the most awaited video console game in the Halo series. The rulers in the software industry have been so by releasing a trailer of the upcoming Halo4: Forward Unto Dawn online on Machinima’s You Tube channel and Halo Waypoint. Furthermore, the company is also planning to bring in force a Halo live-action online video series: Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.

The launch of Halo 4 video game for the Xbox 360 is due this November. The teaser trailer displays the “terrifying beginning of the Human-Covenant War”, when Master Chief (the hero of the Halo series) was a young cadet who gets to become a leader aboard the UNSC Infinity space vessel.

The upcoming series is believed to have five episodes of fifteen minutes each. Sources reveal that all the five episodes will not be released together, but on a weekly basis.

Microsoft also revealed that it will be launching a special edition Xbox 360 unit along with the launch of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. More information on the Halo 4 limited edition of the game will be revealed at the Comic-Con event to be held in San Diego, California, on July 12-15.

The first game in the Halo series was launched in 2001 and since then the series has been extremely popular. Till date, more than 40 million games have been sold and generating about more than $2 billion in sales.