Microsoft on Tuesday announced their successful acquisition bid to take over Israel-based Adallom. This cyber security firm specializes in measures used to protect cloud-based content and programs. Though the company did not make any official announcement regarding the amount they paid for the deal, TechCrunch has reported that the deal was signed at $250 million.

 Microsoft now acquires AdallomAdallom security to protect data

The recent acquisition is undoubtedly a significant step by Microsoft to develop cloud-based computing systems.

Announcing the deal, Microsoft vice president Takeshi Numoto said that it will help users to “protect critical assets across cloud applications”. He mentioned that with cyber attacks making headlines every other day, ensuring data security is of utmost importance to any IT company. A startup company, Adallom has gained an expertise in data security and can provide useful to users.

Partnership will help to expand customer base

Apart from this acquisition, Adallom announced a new partnership with tech giant Dell. The aim here is to decrease exposure of Windows 10-powered devices or services, especially for  business users. The company is taking new initiatives to increase its market base among enterprises in the coming years and partnering with Dell is expected to provide the right base in this regard.