With the news of Microsoft planning to launch high-end Lumia smartphone, rumors are splurging the web every now and then, offering more clues on the expected features of the phones. While Lumia 940is reported to feature a 5.2-inches display, the larger variant Lumia 940 XL is expected to have a 5.7-inch display, says Winfuture, a German site, which claims to have obtained the report from close sources of Microsoft.

Reports also state that both the phones will feature Quad HD resolution (2560×1440 pixels) even though there is a difference in the screen size.


Microsoft Lumia 940 To Feature 5.2” Screen With Microsoft Lumia 940 XL To Sport 5.7” Screen- Indicates RumorsAccording to the reports, both models of Lumia will feature 20MP rear camera suported by Pure View technology along with a 5MP front camera. To make the smartphones a worthy possession, they are reported to offer 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, polycarbonate back cover and aluminum framing. Both the phones are speculated to have Microsoft USB Type-C port, Iris scanner and wireless charging facility. Yet, there might be some differences in the battery as the Lumia 940 is reported to feature 3000mAh battery while the XL model would have 3300mAh battery.

Differences might also be noticed in the performance of the phones as Lumia 940 is reported to feature Snapdragon 808 hexa core-processor while XL may use octa-core processor or Snapdragon 810. However, for confirmed reports on the features and specifications, people will have to wait for the official announcement from the company.