Latest research from Canalys has revealed that Microsoft has witnessed a growth of 227 percent in the shipment of its phones in the second quarter. Speculations are that the company may witness a great deal of increase in the sales with its upcoming Windows Phone 8 that is expected to enter the market before year end. Many are of the view that because Windows 8 is also built on the same interface as phones running on Microsoft software, it is probably going to be liked by people.

The only problem with the report is that it mentions the shipments of phones and sales to the customers. This means we have no clue that the phones are being bought by the people or they are lying at the stores or in the warehouses of the retail stores. If that is the situation then probably the news is not very positive for the company. But off lately we haven’t heard anything bad about the sales.

What needs attention here is that we are almost certain that all the shipments made today should be with new Windows Phone and not with the old Windows phone. But the question is who would be shipping them? The report by Canalys has specifically said that the figures are for Windows Phone. From that perspective, it is not going to be very late before sales figure come in-front of us.

The only benefit that the company may have in the release of its Windows Phone 8 is that Microsoft is also releasing the Windows 8 for desktops and laptops at the same time. This will help users learn the interface in a better manner and may also increase the sales of Windows Phone 8. It is the same benefit that Apple enjoys with its products. For instance, if you know how to use an iPhone, then you know how to use an iPad or an iPod.

Experts are also of the view that as soon as Windows Phone is launched in the market, it is going to overtake Blackberry devices. People these days are not interested in buying Blackberry devices and the benefit is going to be taken by the Windows Phone. Recent figures have revealed that the shipments of Windows Phone have increased from 1.2 percent to 3.2 percent, and on the contrary Blackberry’s share has dropped from 11.6 to 5.4 percent.