Microsoft Is Making A New Search Engine To Beat Google

Google is considered the best search engine of recent times. Majority of us look up Google to find answers to our endless questions and queries many times a day. Did we ever realize there could be a better search engine than Google? According to  Microsoft, the Bing-promoter– along with professors of IIT Kharagpur — is building a new search engine to beat Google with a more effective search engine platform.
No doubt that the current search engines such as Google, Firefox and Yahoo are great with fact-based search engine queries. However, they are programmed to offer structured answers and thus lack at answering subjective and personal queries. This is the reason which led Microsoft to come together with IIT Kharagpur professors to improve the way search engine results are carried out.
The goal is to build more deep and meaningful search engine which would perform beyond the systematic boundaries that restrict today’s search engines. The most search engines today fail to answer queries that reflect personal opinions and human experiences. The question such as ‘People’s favourite memories from school’ is not answered by Google well.
The IIT Kharagpur professors are perfuming a study to take out meaningful information from social conversations to assists search engines to answer certain social queries. For the purpose, the professors are using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. They are using multi-word hashtags from Twitter to make search engine answer more accurately than before. So far, the researchers have collected around 4 million hashtags that were in trend between January 2015 and June 2015. They used a Support Vector Machine classifier to perform their research.
“The algorithm used to conduct this study forms the basis for a better search engine for social platforms which can assist users looking for subjective information and trusted opinions,” said Microsoft’s Senior Applied Researcher Manish Gupta.
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