Microsoft is set to shut down its once popular web browser, Internet Explorer. The move comes following the launch of company’s new Chromium-based web browser, Microsoft Edge earlierin June. It will soon be dropping support for Internet Explorer 11in its Microsoft 365 suite.

However, users will receive ample time and notices to adapt to the alternative Edge. One of the first Microsoft platforms to take down support for the older browsers will be the Microsoft Teams. The integrated communication platform will drop support for Explorer 11 from November 30 of this year itself.

However, most otherMicrosoft 365 suite apps and services will continue to offer support for Internet Explorer till mid-August next year. In its recent post, Microsoft announced that all Microsoft 365 services will drop support for its original web browser from August 17, 2021.

Furthermore, building a more comfortable transition path, Microsoft is also introducing a new Internet Explorer mode with new Edge to help users. The IE mode aims to help customers avoid the hassles of workaround between the two browsers.

For instance, it will allow them to experience the modern web experience on one hand while accessing critical IE 11 apps in the other tab. However, it also noted that the IE mode in the new Microsoft Edge won’t extend IE 11 access to Microsoft 365 apps and services beyond the announced deadlines.

Microsoft Edge Legacy passes on the legacy to new Edge

Notably, the US based tech firm announced that it will also be shutting down the Microsoft Edge Legacy version too in the coming year.Microsoft would officially be dropping support for the older Legacy version of Microsoft Edge on March 9, 2021. The app will not be receiving any security updates either henceforth.

However, the company clarified that all the apps and created accordingly for Microsoft Edge Legacy browser will continue to function similarly in the new Microsoft Edge too. Microsoft has claimed that the newMicrosoft Edgebuilt on the Chromium open source engine will also help in further improving the user experience. It will reportedly offer more compatibility, unified manageability, security and privacy.

Microsoft post said, “At a time when IT professionals are being asked to do more with less on an unprecedented level, we want to make it simple for our customers to balance productivity, security, privacy, and cost.”

It added that all new devices featuring Windows 10 or later versions will be coming with the newer Edge version.  While many of the Windows users have already switched to the new Edge browser, it recommended others too to make the switch at the earliest. Moreover, it also assured to assist users in migration in case of any compatibility issues.