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Microsoft Hikes Windows 8 Price by $160 from February

microsoft windows 8 price hikeIf you have been planning to buy the new Windows 8, you might want to do it before 31 January. Microsoft has been heavily advertising their new operating system and selling it at a comfortable price of $ 39.99. However, from 1 February consumers will only be able to buy the Microsoft OS at $199.99. The OS is available in two versions—for Intel and AMD PCs as Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro respectively.

Windows 8 has received mixed reviews. To start with, it was a little confusing because of the use of touch screen, mouse and keyboard. Users of Windows 7 were happy with what they had. This made it difficult for people to move to the new OS. Surely, the look of Windows 8 is a winner. It is bright, easy and fun. It also has useful touch functionality. Windows 8 also has some tight security features with antivirus included, automatic PC updates and a new phishing filter. This makes it a good buy.

If you plan to switch from Windows 7 to Windows 8, be prepared to undergo a lot of learning. Both the systems offer different user experiences. So you will have to slowly learn the ropes on Windows 8 before you get comfortable using this colorful operating system. Say, there is no Start menu on the Windows 8. Instead, you have windows that take you places.

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The trite and unique user interface of Windows 8 can irk new users. It not as intuitive as you would expect and it’s not equipped to boot your desktop. For users of Windows 7, who have been using these features extensively, this will come as a rude shock.

It’s important to note here that the Windows RT is also in the fray here. While the Windows 8 doesn’t have MS Office inbuilt, it is available with the Windows RT. You can install it on your system. Windows 8 is able to run the x86 apps, a facility not available with the Windows RT.

Plan whether you want to get yourself the Windows 8 before Microsoft hikes its price above the $150 mark.

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Mahak Sharma
Mahak Sharma
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