On The violation of the You Tube terms and conditions Google the owner of this popular video sharing site has send a letter to Microsoft. Microsoft had upgraded the You Tube application for their Window phone series which allowed users to download the You Tube videos along with pinning then and the channels on the Live Tile which Google could not tolerate and thus send them the letter on violation of rules. The allegation letter also contained that though Microsoft had upgraded the app they had not provide any commercial for it as mentioned in the terms and conditions.

The cease and desist notification sent to Microsoft by Google on the May 15th asked Microsoft to resist the application from downloading videos from You Tube by May 22nd  and also requested them to put up commercial.

As a response to the letter Microsoft did block the application but did not pay heed to airing commercials. Microsoft in a conversation reported that if the two biggest companies can work together hand in hand they will not only be able to make the application a much demanded one but will at the same time satisfy their mutual customers. Microsoft also pointed out to their increase in ranking as the best seller of the Window Phones and is keen to develop relationship with Google so that users can be given better You Tube experience.

Though the tiff continues with Microsoft wanting a mutual it is still not clear if Google will take a legal action against Microsoft or not.