Microsoft has recently announced the update for the Xbox One for the Xbox Video as well as Xbox Smart Glass, which will feature the TV elements for all audience thus giving them a novel experience. It also enables the usage of the OneGuide on other devices. Moreover, the company had also announced the release of a new system update for Xbox 360.The Xbox One provides much ease to the user when it comes to redeeming a code for add-on or a new game.

Larry Hryb revealed the update in a new video through Xbox Wire. The update will allow users to rent full movies on the Xbox Video so that they can be watched on any available platform. This new release enables various features including Xbox One controller, gesture commands as well as Kinect, Xbox SmartGlass, and Xbox One media remote.

The features, which Smart Glass users could access, include:

  • Easy too navigate gaming option to quickly access the list of achievements, challenges to take, as well as game clips without the need to switch over to multiple screens.
  • You can view the recent players and find people you are connected with, add them as friends or challenge them for a rematch.
  • Can sort the list of friends who are online and peep into what they are doing.