Friday, June 14, 2024

Microsoft And Nokia Going Strong…. Still No Returns, Is This The Reason For Samsung Monopoly?

Microsoft and Nokia have always scored high with their acquaintance. They have been in advance talks about Microsoft buying Nokia’s device division which would significantly have made a mark on the mobile phone landscape. But, put to an end for some reasons.

Both the companies are already into a commitment made two years before that Nokia would use Windows Phone into its handsets. However, the partnership has not roped in big returns for either of them in spite of WP inching upward.

The talks were supposed to be in the later stages when Microsoft walked away considering Nokia’s “strategic predicament” behind Apple and Samsung and the price. According to the Journal, Microsoft could have used its approximately $66 billion (about £42.6 billion, AU$70.6 billion) in offshore subsidiaries for buying the Finnish company’s device business.

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Microsoft’s recent decision came only a day after a Huawei executive commenting on the idea of purchasing Nokia. Though, it has not announced anything officially yet the fact cannot be denied fully giving rise to speculations in the techie world.

Despite going through a struggling phase, Nokia is a big company and with all the new Lumia range, it is expected that we don’t hear anything more from the suitors.


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