Windows 10 is in the making and preview mode for long. After rumors of a July release and then a September release, we have news that the OS might step in the town this August, according to Newegg, a computer retailer. Better news is that it could be free of cost for all existing users of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 users. The same applies to Windows 8.1 users for smartphones as well. Come august 31 and interested users can buy the OS pack for $US109.99, says Newegg on its website.

Microsoft 10 Might Arrive This August With Edge Browser, Says Comp Retailer NeweggerOn the drab end, we did not find the product on the website when we box searched using the term Windows 10.

There has been no official line from maker Microsoft on this development after it told PC World that a summer release for the latest operating system is underway. The official statement from the giant is — “We look forward to sharing more details about how the upgrade will be offered at a later date.”  The maker is playing safely since the Windows 8 debacle.  

Microsoft plans to set things right with hands-on specs such as Microsoft Edge browser and developer tools on the latest system.