It has been four months now since the very popular Formula One (F1) Racing Champion Michael Schumacher has been put in a medically induced coma after he met with an accident in December 2013 while skiing in Switzerland. There have been some initial reports that claimed that the Formula One driver can now move in a way and showing symptoms that he is likely to emerge from the coma. There have been several instances of hoax on Twitter for Michael Schumacher that went viral over the internet.

@HenryWyatt posted on Twitter saying that Schumacher has died. The person also posted several pictures appearing like newspaper articles from Metro and CNN, mentioning that Schumacher was officially declared brain dead then eventually passing away. However, there have been no reports on either Metro or CNN about the death story. The tweet certainly seemed doubtful as the alleged news articles on Schumacher’s death was not found online.

Sabine Kehm, Schumacher’s manager, revealed in April 2014 that his condition is improving on a gradual basis after exhibiting signs of being awake and conscious. She also said that we are optimistic that the seven-time world champion will eventually emerge from the coma, according to The Epoch Times citing a German news outlet. She was quoted saying that “We remain confident that Michael Schumacher will make it through and wake up. We will fight for Schumi together with the team of doctors who we trust.”

Meanwhile, Michael Schumacher has been awarded with recognition as he has been named an honorary citizen of Sarajevo despite of his present medical condition, reported via online translation.

The award is to honor his work which he did for the Yugoslavia children, who were injured during the war, in the past by providing financial assistance.

Schumacher’s family is hoping by each passing day that the racing legend will come out of the coma soon.

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