Michael Jackson, the King of Pop fathered a surreptitious son relying on the DNA test claiming to reveal the truth about it. Oh yes, Michael Jackson is said to have a 31-year old love child after the DNA tests approved him to be the superstar’s secret son.

The son of singer Miki Howard, Brandon Howard underwent DNA tests which stated a 99.99% match to the moon-walk star.

Miki and Jackson were together in 1982 and Brandon happened soon after. Brandon’s DNA is claimed to closely match to that of Michael Jackson. However, Howard Weitzman, Jackson’s property lawyer does have a doubt on the results. He stated that he hasn’t ever heard from him and any deadline to stand as a claimant for Michael’s offspring has long passed.

Howard released a statement through his manager that despite the latest allegations, he didn’t authorise his DNA tests to be compared to that of the Pop singer. After being a part of the FilmOn documentary, he was asked to give a DNA, but he never expected it to be used like this. Till date, he hasn’t claimed to be the son of Michael Jackson nor does he holds any intention to possess his family property. FilmOn.TV got Jackson’s DNA from his dental impression.

On the other hand, Augie Jackson refuted all these allegations claiming to be the real father of Brandon.

Thus, with so much of chaos, are we still sure that about the DNA results? There’s more to catch up!