How many people around us have said that they have lost sense of time. They feel a numbness, hopelessness or having lost their purpose. Doctors and counsellors have raised questions about treating “mental health” as a public health crisis as well. Indian Psychiatry Society has said that mental health cases in India have gone up 20% since the first lockdown was announced. These cases of mental health include those of anxiety and depression.

This generation has never seen a global health crisis of such biblical proportions. Experts note that the current pandemic situation can often leave people with an increasing feeling of isolation. Thus, there is an increasing need for resources where people can reach out to and seek support in times of a crisis.

Several sources offer easy access and expert advice for those seeking support. There are times when we find it difficult to reach out to those close to us as well. At such a time, an external resource might help. Some NGOs and organisations are doing a fair and helpful job of helping those who need a friend. Here are three names based on their popularity and reviews.

Following are 3 Online Resources You Can Find Support In Crisis –


AASRA is a crisis intervention centre that offers support for individuals who are distressed, lonely, or having suicidal thoughts. It offers professional and confidential care and support to these individuals. It attempts to help people who are battling stress, anxiety or despair through the simple act of active and non-judgmental listening. Individuals can reach out for support via their helpline, meet AASRA volunteers or can even write to the organization. However, the organization notes that its services are not a substitute for medical care.

  • is an online platform which offers active counselling to individuals through its network of psychiatrists and psychologists. Individuals can reach out for crisis intervention at any given time as the help is available 24/7. While it also offers paid counselling services, it has also set up a toll-free helpline to comfort and support anonymous callers or crisis intervention.Users can availYourDOST audio or video chat support for Rs. 400 and600 per session respectively.

  • Vandrevala Foundation

The Vandrevala Foundation is a non-profit organization which aims to help individuals facing mental health problems and illnesses in the country. ‍It runs a 24/7 Mental Health helpline to aid patients, their closed family member or and others who are struggling with mental health problems. The helpline assistance is currently available in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and English.

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Millions of people across the world are currently facing anxiety and distress and may be struggling with mental health problems. It is important that we are kind both towards others as well as ourselves. Moreover, it is also critical to dispel the stigma around mental health and encourage people around us who are struggling with mental health problems to seek necessary help.

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