For those worried about the idea of giving their expensive iPads to kids for play, fret no more as Toys R Us got a solution!

Toys R Us, recently unveiled a tab especially for kids, called the Tabeo, which will sport a 7-inch screen and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Available for pre-orders starting Monday, the Tabeo will hit the shelves of Toys R Us store on October 21st.

Priced at $149.99, the toy retailer announced that the tab will be powered by Google’s Android operating system and is aimed for all young consumers.

The Tabeo will come pre-loaded with around 50 child-friendly apps with some educational apps too. There will also be a curated app store, which will give users access to 7000 apps that they can download on device for free. There are thousand other apps, which you can purchase.

The child-friendly device will come wrapped in a soft lime-green bumper so it will okay even if kids drop it by mistake. There will also be specialized browser controls for easy use.

Kids can now play their favorite games on their very own tab with the Tabeo, which comes pre-loaded with all fun games including Rovio’s “Angry Birds,” Imangi Studio’s “Temple Run”, Halfbrick’s “Fruit Ninja”, “Cut the Rope,” “Collapse!”, and “100 Floors.”

Running on a version of of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), this tab will be available from Toys “R” Us stores or the company’s Web site.

The tab will support RAM of 4GB and will include an expandable microSDHC memory slot.

Parents can put a limit on the amount of time kids spend online, set access for specific days of the week or hours of the day, and can also get e-mail alerts if their kids find some way around the limitations.

According to the report, there will be around ten educational apps, with which kids can learn about the alphabet, science and math in a fun manner. There are also other additional apps in the tablet with focus on subjects such as photography and cooking.

Earlier last month, Amazon also announced putting stricter parental controls into place on its tablets, to let parents set up profiles that limit how long their children can use the device.

Following the announcement by the Toys “R” Us, shares of the LeapFrog Enterprises saw a plunge as investors got worried about how the latter would keep pace with the former.

The LeapFrog Enterprise is the maker of smart tablet-like toys for kids that help them with reading, math and other subjects. The firm’s shares went down more than 7 percent to about $8.50 per share.