Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Fight 2014: Amir Khan Responds Rudely to Floyd’s Jabbing Tweets


It was last week when Amir Khan lashed out Floyd Mayweather who snubbed him off the title match. He later commented that this undefeated fighter is fearful to get into ring with him, so he purposely chooses comparatively slower boxers as opponents.

On the other hand, Mayweather told that Khan is not worth to have a fight against until he can beat the American orthodox fighter, Adrian Broner in an undercard match put ahead to his fight with Marcos Maidana.

As reported by Guardian, Mayweather challenged the British boxer in his tweet as, “I don’t seem to have an easy fight on May 3rd, so I can’t overlook @ChinoMaidana but @AmirKhan, if you and @AdrianBroner fight each other and you win (which you won’t), I’ll fight you.” Khan responded immediately to this tweet with some choosy worlds as “FM is full of sh*t. Just as my next opponent poll.”

It is clear that Amir Khan was referring to the internet poll run by Mayweather, inviting his fans to choose among Maidana or Khan as his next rival. Khan claimed that it was he who clearly won the poll, but Mayweather wanted to back up the Argentinean.

As this is the case, there is still no official confirmation about a possible undercard match between Adrian Broner and Khan. But if so happens and Brit seize it, then Mayweather will be left with no choice than fighting him.